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Manila Philippines Weather

Manila is one of the best places to travel to because the Philippines only has 2 seasons. It experiences massive rain drops when it's rainy season and when it's summer season, it undergoes solid heat. A weather like this is perfect when you're traveling in Manila. Why? Traveling with an umbrella on your bag is very necessary, rain or shine you get to continue your Manila Tour. WOW Philippines Travel Agency has listed different weather guide for you to be informed of when is the time of the year that you can surely enjoy your tour. Check out the dates and book a perfect time for you and loved ones.

Use our weather guide to plan your Manila vacation.

High Season
High Season
October 16 - May 31
Peak Season
Peak Season
December 20 - Jan. 5
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year
Feb. 12-17
Holy Week
Holy Week
March 20 - 26

High Season (December to May)

Most manila tours are so exciting to be held during this months where typhoons or tropical depressions just ended and the weather is so fine. Most of the hotels, if not all, lower their room rates for a plenty of reasons which all travelers love. Some of the hotels in Manila will also take this kind of opportunity to raise their rates but they will also assure you that the price you pay will be worth it.

Peak Season (December to January)

This time of the year is the perfect time for excursionists to travel because hotels and many tour planners receive many inquiries. Christmas and New Year season accommodates large numbers of travelers which gives a large positive feedback to the Manila Tours.

Chinese New Year 2014 (February 9th to February 14th)

After the Peak Season, here comes the very well-known Chinese New Year. During this time, you will have to book 6 or 7 months earlier before your actual travel vacation dates. Why? Because Manila Tours and prestigious hotels will all be fully-booked by that time. Different kinds of travelers whether local or international, will all be reserving their booking for a guaranteed hotel booking and manila tour. You'll still be able to book at the other Manila Hotels, but don't expect much of the accommodation because all the good ones are already taken. For you not to experience this, Book earlier and have the happiest family vacation ever.

Holy Week 2014 (March 25th to March 30th)

Filipinos tend to visit different kinds of lodging establishments during Holy Week, probably because it is the only long quality time that they get to spend with their loved ones. A week long vacation enough for the whole family to stay at the Manila Hotels and go out for different kinds of Manila tours and just hang out as much as they can. The WOW Philippines Travel Agency would love to advise you that for you to be able to have a guaranteed booking, reserve earlier than the Holy Week.

Low Season (June to November)

During low seasons, tourists are more likely to wait for the High Season to come and visit or just have a reservation be guaranteed for future use. June to November is the period where the Philippines experience a very rainy season. To be honest, typhoons and tropical depressions comes every month. Strong winds and floods might also be there but the cool breeze is what you will surely love. So if you're planning to have a vacation between June to November, you could always move it somewhere between December to May.

How to Book Your Manila Vacation for Low Season Months

Manila is a pretty nice place to travel to because you will just learn important things but you will also be able to experience activities and see different significant places. To help you sort out what specific dates you would love to grab, here are a few tips.

  1. Check the available accurate weather forecast in Manila for a couple of days that you prefer for your Manila Vacation. So that you will be fully-informed and prepared for the possible weather conditions during your vacation.
  2. Umbrellas and cover-ups like jackets and coats will not occupy a huge part on your luggage so you might as well include it on your travel bag.
  3. Contact WOW Philippines Travel Agency for further information about the Manila Packages during the low season because who knows? You might get different low rates offers from different hotels.
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